Terms and Conditions

Bookings and Deposits

A deposit may be required to confirm your bookings and to verify your account.

All bookings placed by whatever method will be provisional until verified and approved by the salon. Once your booking has been approved/verified by the salon, you will receive a text message and / or e-mail either confirming your requested appointment or if your original request has been amended we will ask you to reconfirm your appointment via the message sent.

All provisional / unconfirmed appointments will only be held for 24 hours and maybe cancelled after that time if not confirmed by following the link after making a provisional booking in the manner described above.

A booking confirmation will require a deposit or pre-authorisation payment by card online at the time of confirming the booking. You authorise the deduction of the deposit from your card, and the deduction of any payment due as a result of the terms below governing late cancellations (within 48 hours of the booking) or bookings which are not attended.

Deposits are non-refundable if you are unable to or do not attend your appointment.

Rescheduling or cancelling appointments outside 48 hours of booking

We understand that things crop up from time to time and appointments need to be changed we ask that you treat us with respect and follow our cancellation policy and we will return the same to you.

If you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment you can do free of charge save for the deposit up to 48 hours before your appointment. Rescheduling or cancelling outside of 48 hours of your booking this can be done online via your account or you may contact reception who will assist with your request.

Rescheduling or cancelling appointments within 48 hours of booking

If you cancel or reschedule an appointment within 48 hours of the booked date and time, you agree to pay 50% of the charge that would have been paid for the booked service on the day of the booking. That 50% charge will be credited to your account for you to use on a future visit to the salon. Rescheduling or cancelling within 48 hours of your booking must be done online via your account. Reception is unable to action this request over the phone or by email.

No shows

If you do not attend your booked appointment and did not cancel or reschedule in advance you agree to pay 100% of the charge that would have been paid for the booked service on the day of the booking. You agree to pay this as a no-show causes us to incur a loss as we incur all overheads and staff salaries for the booked appointment, without the ability to offer it to another customer, and so payment in full is due even if you do not attend. That charge will not be available for you to use on a future visit to the salon.

All cancellations and rescheduling of appointments should be done through your online account. Please see rescheduling and cancellations clause above.

Outstanding payments

The Client agrees that David Rozman may debit any payment card or method on the Client's account at any time for any sums due and unpaid.

The Client authorises and requests David Rozman take payment from any payment card or method on the Client's account for any payments missed, outstanding and / or for payment arising from cancellations.

Skin Test

Prior to making your colour appointment it is essential you have had a recent skin test at our salon or your hair colour in our salon within the last 6 months. You must visit the salon at least 48 hours prior to your appointment so we can arrange a skin test for you. It is also essential prior to making any colour appointment that you notify us if any reaction from any previous colour or skin tests, whether this was applied within the salon or at home or if you have any reactions to, henna tattoo's, or any permanent or semi-permanent make up. It is our clients responsibility to notify us with honest information regarding any reactions to their past colour history so we can do our best to protect you.

Price levels

Price levels are tiered according to experience.

Your details

If any of your details change such as address, email or phone number please update them via your hair account online. This information is important so our system is able to identify and confirm your hair appointments as well as ensuring any deliveries go to the correct address.

If you need any help please contact the salon and we will happily assist.


If the Client cancels a membership early where a minimum faced term is agreed, ie, intimates a cancellation to have effect before the end of the term of the membership, then the full price will become payable immediately as opposed to any discounted membership sum, for all products and services sold and supplied during the membership term. This is because products and services during membership are discounted to reflect the fact that a membership fee is being paid. This may also be subject to our late payment administration fee if payment is not received within 14 days of request.

Hair System Quotes

Our hair systems prices may vary, and any quote can only be guaranteed at the time of your purchase.

Hair System Manufacturing Lead Times

There may also be different lead times on your hair systems which we will notify as accurately as possible and should be taken as a guide only as delays in this process are out of our control.

Hair System Longevity

All our hair systems are checked by us, and we encourage our customer to check the product themselves prior to fitting for manufacturing faults. No guarantee on the longevity of our hair systems can be given. How well your hair system is looked after is the main influence on its longevity. We are happy to guide you on this matter. It is natural for your hair system to deteriorate subject to the amount of wear and tear each client puts the hair system through. Wear and tear may include shedding and colour fade. We will do our utmost to assist with any support required.

Hair System(s) Payment

All required systems, services, or agreed packages must be paid up front before we are able to order, customise or despatched.

If you are not happy with your hair cut/colour/Smoothing Treatment

When you have completed you hair service at David Rozman hair salon we expect all our clients to be happy with the outcome of their new hair style and be able to wear and manage their new style with confidence. If you feel that the service agreed with your stylist has not been fully achieved we need to know at your earliest convenience so we can help to resolve your concerns where possible straightaway.

In these cases it is important you return within 7 days of your original appointment and we will be more than happy to re-look at your hair and carry out the necessary service complimentary. After this point we offer a tiered discount

8-14 days you will receive a 50% reduction

15-21 days a 25% reduction.

Please be aware that certain services are not covered by our re-do policy. This includes any service such as hair-up trails, blow dry services or in certain instances services which may have been indicated to you within your consultation by your stylist of certain limitations. If this is the case it is then your decision if you wish to go ahead with the service.

Our re-do policy only covers rectifications of the agreed service with your stylist and not a change of mind after the agreement of your service. In these cases we will be happy to offer a discount depending on the new service required but you will need to return to the salon within 14 days.


We aim to deal with any disputes in a fair and reasonable manner. Please email [email protected] if you have a concern. We aim to reply as soon as possible but please allow up to10 working days.

If a resolution is not reached the parties agree that any disputes will be resolved through the English Courts and will be subject to English law. The Client agrees not to use any other type of dispute resolution mechanism.


Payment for all products and services is due on the day those products and services are sold or performed.

In the event of any late payment the Client agrees and authorises David Rozman to immediately charge and take from any payment card or method on the Client's account not only payment but also a late payment administration fee in a sum equivalent to 15% of the price for any goods and services received, ordered, cancelled or missed.

Debt Recovery

In the event of non-payment of any of the sums you agree to pay as outlined above, David Rozman Ltd reserves the right to pursue a recovery of those sums by instructing debt collectors, and / or issuing Court proceedings, and you agree to pay the costs, charges, administration fee, Court costs, debt collector's fees, legal costs, and any other expense arising as a result of having to pursue a recovery of payment.

Your Data

David Rozman Ltd does not store any of your credit card information. This information is encrypted and transferred to our PCI DSS compliant payment processor, to complete your transaction. Card details entered are stored securely by our card processing provider. The card details will be used as security for future appointments in accordance with our terms and conditions. A check is made each time you make a booking to ensure your card is still valid. You confirm you have the authority to use the card. You confirm your authority for it to be charged for payments due for products or services or otherwise arising under our terms and conditions. If your card is not valid or is expired our website will prompt you to enter new card details prior to your booking being made.

If you have a nil balance and no outstanding bookings which may attract a charge and wish to have your payment details removed/edited from our system including from our card processing provider please contact the salon by emailing [email protected] and this can be organised.

Please note that David Rozman Ltd's payment platform terms and conditions are subject to change without notice at any time, and the current version of the terms and conditions are displayed on the companys website You will be bound by the current version.