Hair Loss System

Our unique hair loss systems are revolutionary in the world of hair loss. We have helped hundreds of people with their hair loss problems at reputed hair salon Manchester, clients leave our award-winning salon with a new head of hair and new found confidence.

Having been in the hairdressing industry for over 26 years David Rozman and his team has seen the positive changes a good haircut can have on their clients through their professional and technical approach.

Through years of experience we've come to understand that hair is an important part of our identity so when you are affected by hair loss it can have a profound effect on your self confidence, self esteem and it may have an effect on your everyday life.

Over the years, David Rozman has been at the forefront of providing hair loss restoration in Manchester. Changing the lives of men and women who suffer from hair thinning and hair loss caused by pattern baldness, Alopecia and chemotherapy. See how we can help you take back control. Take your first step and Book a consultation today

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How does it work?

Step One

Our hair loss experts will cleanse your hair and scalp to ensure the system can be applied perfectly.

Each hair system is unique and customised to fit the exact balding/thinning area on your scalp and remains in place for around 7 weeks (this time can vary depending on the client).

Step Two

The new hair will then be applied semi-permanently to your scalp, the bond used is water based and toxin free and it is a painless process.

The basis of the hair system is an artificial skin that imitates the properties of the human epidermis, the top layer of the skin. It is only 0.03mm thin, has pores and is breathable. This allows your skin to breathe and sweat naturally while you are wearing the hair system.

Step Three

Once your new human hair is fitted our stylists will ensure that it is cut to be perfectly blended into your existing hair.

You can virtually have any hairstyle you want! You can treat this system as your own hair, shower, exercise and even swim.

Never worry about your hair again

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Initial fitting
and styling

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Up to 1 new system
per month

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Ongoing support and
members access

Choose a fitting method to suit you

Professional fit

Have you hair system fitted professionally by one of the David Rozman experts, in the comfort of our Manchester salon.

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Self fit

Follow our advice to fit your hair system yourself in the privacy of your own home, also helping you to save money on travel.

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Price List

Regular Change Hair System
(Supply only)

One Off
One Off
1 Hair System
Pay as you go
Pay as you go
Initial payment for 1st system and your first monthly instalment

(This payment is then followed by no less than 11 monthly payments that suit your number of systems per year)
3 Extra Systems per year @ £289 each*
£72.25 monthly
6 Extra Systems per year @ £279 each*
£139.50 monthly
9 Extra Systems per year @ £269 each*
£201.75 monthly
12 Extra Systems per year @ £259 each*
£259 monthly
*Terms and conditions apply
Bundle Deals - one off payment
Bundle Deals - one off payment
3 Systems (£269 each)
6 Systems (£259 each)
9 Systems (£249 each)
12 Systems (£239 each)

Hair System Services
(Advice, fitting and support)

In salon service charges
In salon service charges
Initial consultation in salon or via video 30 mins
Fitting with full stylist customisation and cutting
Refit, clean, with back and sides cut
Back and sides cut
Off site visit maybe available
Self fitting and extras
Self fitting and extras
Initial video/call consultation - 30 mins
Postage and packing (per system)
Template customisation, and cutting, per system
Telephone/video fitting support - 1 hour
System Insurance covers you for a full system to be replaced if it is accidental damaged whilst fitting, cut incorrectly, template incorrect. For a period of 14 days from us dispatching your system
Template customisation, cutting, and telephone/video fitting support with a 14 day hair system insurance to cover you against any accidental damage whilst fitting, cut incorrectly, template incorrect.
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Frequently asked questions

Does the system stay on my head at all times?

Yes. We normally use a scalp adhesive and class this form of adhesion as a semi permanent solution that normally only requires our clients to visit the salon every 3-4 weeks for a refit service.

Can I live a normal life when I wear a David Rozman hair system?

You can live your life as normal; sleep, exercise and shower as you normally would, the system fits into your lifestyle.

Would a David Rozman system be right for me?

We like to meet you to talk you through the process and properly assess your hair in a consultation session. In this session we will talk you through the positives and negatives and help guide you towards the right hair loss solution for you.

What hairstyles can I have?

You can virtually have any hair style and colour you want. The systems can be cut and coloured to suit your preference and will always be cut to blend in with your natural hair.

How much does a David Rozman hair system cost?

Each hair system is customised to the client therefore each quote is unique to the clients needs, prices for a standard hair system start at £399 however that’s just a base price and it doesn’t include the fitting and styling costs, we do offer pay monthly saver deals and bulk purchases which bring down the overall cost of the hair system.

Do I have to use special hair products?

We do advise that you use our hair products as they’ve been designed specifically for our hair systems. Using products designed for our hair systems ensures your hair system is cared for in the best way which means you’ll get more use out of the system.

Why should I choose a David Rozman hair system and not a permanent hair loss solution?

In regards to other hair loss solutions although this isn’t permanent it has guaranteed results.

Hair transplants are costly and can’t always guarantee results, we have had some clients that have tried three unsuccessful hair transplants to then be happy with our hair systems.

We also have client that have unsuccessfully tried injections, tablets and creams, if you want a full head of hair and your confidence back then our systems are a definite option for you.

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At David Rozman, we pride ourselves on giving our clients the best advise, service and hair systems

It is important that customers know that our hair systems are bespoke to our requirements, fully customisable, hand made with high quality human hair and treated with the attention to detail our customers expect of us.

Please note that we do not work with or supply any Total Cover Plus hair systems.

Same day bookings

If you’re looking to book with us last minute, you could save on a same day appointment booking, leave your details with us and a member of our team will contact you to confirm our availability and get you booked in. Please note that we are unable to guarantee that any specific stylist will be available for this service.

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The prices stated above are for guideline purposes. Accurate prices can only be given once a consultation has taken place to establish your exact service or combination of services you may require. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

Relax in the hands of our expert stylists and revitalise your hair with a customised treatment tailor made to helping you to restore your hair condition.

* Graduate stylists provide both cutting and colouring services. We believe it’s important that our operators specialise in either cutting or colouring as they require specific expertise.

** We understand from time to time clients may wish to have an in-depth consultation to discuss a look they are hoping to achieve with our expert stylists. For example, you may want a particular finish or have particularly long and thick hair. On these occasions an extended appointment may be used at the stylist’s discretion. This additional charge costs from £6 and will be added to your original haircut price so that we can allow the extra time getting your perfect look needs. We will never add on this charge without letting you know first.