Get the look

If you’re trying to decide on a new look before visiting us, you can check out some of our most recent cuts and colours taken from our customers right here in the salon after their appointment or if you have a particular look in mind, we’ll help you achieve it.

At David Rozman we understand how important it is to get your hair looking right whether you require a beautiful blow dry or a complete hair re-style we believe one of our expert hairdressers will give you a hair style that suits you and your life style.

Before and After. Lighter colours for summer, highlights and warmth with toner.
Before and After. Cute candy pink for summer
Blumaan model for YouTube Zayn Malik inspired cut
Gents cut by David
Before and After Transformation. Gorgeous Balayage with grey hues and a textured blow dry
Choppy layers and a textured blow dry
Soft highlights and layered bob
Adding summer warmth with rich copper tones
Highlights and warmth added with toner, choppy layers and a bouncy blow dry to finish
Rich brunette tones and bouncy blow dry
Sleek layered bob
Platinum blonde and a pixie cut
warm blonde highlights and bouncy blow dry
Before and After. This season's hottest colour, candyfloss pink with a balayage twist
Before and After, Adding warmth with subtle balayage
Gent's cut by David
The Blumaan classic cut by David
Rich brunette and textured layers
Gorgeous grey tones and a textured bob cut
Subtle highlights and a bouncy blow dry
Before and After. Dull colour transformed with warm copper tones and trimmed
Light and warm balayage with a textured blow dry
Platinum blonde and a sleek straight blow dry
Before and After. Transformed with rich red tones and sharp fringe.
Beautiful warm balayage and textured blow dry
Soft blonde highlights, layers and a bouncy blow dry
Bouncy blow dry by Hannah
Before and After. Washed out blonde to a beautiful soft grey tone and cut in layers
Wedding Hair Style
Blonde layered bob
Bright Blonde with Beach Waves
Gent's cut by David
Asymmetric Fringe with layered cut
Gents cut and style by Jayson
Lightened and toned with a gloss to achieve a pure clean blonde and then layers through the hair and shaped around the face.
Balayage with blonde through the front and a textured blow dry.
Deep vibrant red colour by Rachael and a textured bouncy blow dry by Jayson.
This client has used our Total Cover Plus hair system. This was his first fitting of the hair system and he was so pleased with the results. If you suffer with hair loss or thinning please contact the salon and we can help you with our amazing hair loss solution.
Short disconnection through  the back and sides, leaving the hair long on top for the client to style.
The versatile and cool pixie cut done by Hannah. Flatters face shape and easy to style.
This gorgeous grey was created by Megan, toning the clients original blonde hair with grey shades, taking the roots 4 shades darker and then blending it out. A difficult colour to achieve but so worth it!
The amazing Nanokeratin treatment that leaves you with frizz free locks after nourishing hair from the inside out. This client also had a one length cut to perfect her new smooth look.
Did you know that we are experts in colour correction? This client came in after a bad home dye experience. Guy fixed it with colour removal then a warm balayage and trim. We love it!
This client used our Total Cover Plus Hair system and then had a Parisian chic inspired cut by David Rozman. The Total Cover Plus System is great for those suffering with hair loss or thinning. Discrete and easy to manage. Get in touch with us for more information.
A full head of highlights and then toned to keep a fresh clean blonde colour. Using Olaplex to ensure strength and lustre to the hair. Cut by David Rozman adding more structure to the ends and adding some long layers
Cool and warm highlights and a bouncy blow dry
Stunning cut by David Rozman himself using a freehand cutting technique and dried into gorgeous beach waves.
A warm balayage and soft layers
A soft balayage using a cool/warm toner to soften the blonde. Then cut a shorter length with blunt edges to make the hair appear thicker, followed by a beachy blow dry.
Blondes are known for having the most fun. 

Rachel our Senior Colour Technician created a stunning colour.  This is one of our favorite looks! Beautiful blonde highlights that give a natural feel paired with a perfect asymmetric haircut...perfection. You can wear this cut soft and sweet like the picture, or roughed up and edgy with just a little product!
Love your natural hair colour but want to mix it up a bit? Try something new by blending two different  colouring techniques to create a sophisticated new look.
For straight hair subtle highlights can work really well.  

With long dark brown hair our expert colourist created a flattering ombre to lighten up and frame the face. Of course, you can always style with waves or curls just for fun!
Achieving a silver grey hue that looks this good can take quite a bit of time. Our professional colourists  were able to monitor our clients hair as the colour progressed, protecting it as we went along to create this stylish look. Megan complemented the colour with a classic graduated cut with a soft fringe.
Though it has been popular for a couple of seasons, ombre is still in great demand. It’s a superb opportunity to express yourself and add that very special extra glow to your looks. Guy our Master Colourist, contrasted a warm copper shade with a cool toned chocolate, allowing the hues to complement each other but still stand out in a way that feels natural.
Optimise a curly look with an ombre colour technique done by our colour technician Lauren.  Hair was cut into an angular bob shape taking advantage of the hairs natural curls.  A structured fringe was cut in to make this style more eye-catching. 

To get the stunning curls we recommend using the products below.
Riley had an amazing colour and cut. Riley's existing balayage was refreshed with a platinum toner to enhance shine and tone. 

Three products used to finish Alterna Caviar Retexturing Protein Cream (a leave-in treatment), Pureology's Levitation Mist (for volume) and Alterna Caviar Perfect Texture Finishing Spray (to give hold and texture) after drying.
Some lovely soft highlights for summer with a casual cut and a tousled,  layered bob style.
The fringe is back with a vengeance. An edgy fringe for men has been and still is a massive look. 

The fringe is swept forward from the crown and the back and sides are short.  

If your hair is receding you'll love this hair style as you can look trendy and cover up your problem area at the same time.
This short slick hairstyle is great for men who have a slight wave in their hair and those who like a very neat appearance. To accomplish this hairstyle you will need to be sure to use a good paste with some hold to keep the hair in place while maintaining the shine.
More women, celebrities included are embracing their natural wavy or curly hair texture instead of fighting it. Here, is a great example of a client who has been fighting against her locks but no more!  With her tight curls David has demonstrated a modern precision cut where the curls gave volume and it’s unique shape.
We were delighted to welcome a famous face to the salon in July - cyclist Becky James ahead of her Team GB adventure in Rio Olympics. Ahead of the summer Olympics Becky has taken the opportunity to have her highlights brighter! Lighter! Livelier! and freshened up by Guy and blow dried with soft curls.
Raj is an amazing client. He is very particular about his hair and loves how David is so meticulous with the way he cuts it.  His hair is our passion. Raj has had many styles and has donned a version of a pompadour for a while. It's a versatile and complementing style.
Sha visited the salon with dark brown hair. She wanted to liven up her hair and go lighter for summer. Rachel injected radiance and vitality to Sha's hair by doing colour removal process of the old colour, then did a full head tint service with a gloss all over to even and add depth to the colour. Result a happy client. Hannah did a fantastic blow dry.
Who says blondes have all the fun? Honey tones soften and lighten. No wonder we're Manchester's colour specialists.
An asymmetrical bob that gives an edgy vibe to the standard one length bob.  With a contemporary twist and a slight undercut it's perfect if you're looking for a precision haircut.
Pixie cuts have graced magazine covers for decades.  Vicky rocks this styles which keeps on giving in the cut, in the colour and in the texture. This silver fox is perfect for anyone with a mission.  The silver tone makes all the difference with this look.
Chloe decided to let go of the long and luscious locks for a lighter 'do. Chloe's hair used to fall past her shoulders, we found a short style that framed her face perfectly with its long and textured layers. A perfect style for any time of the year.
The POMPADOUR. is typically worn with short sides, with the hair swept upwards and backwards, however as time has passed the look has become more and more versatile with variations of different ways to style a pompadour to make it suit your face shape, lifestyle and career.
Amazing luscious locks cut and styled by Jayson, although admittedly when your hair is a colour as beautiful as this it doesn't need that much help. Thanks to Sarah for being an amazing client.
Curly blow drys remain a popular choice for girls of to a wedding. We're happy to dry your hair curly after a cut too, just ask your stylist for details next time you are in the salon.
Exceptional colouring at work again in the salon. Darker tones lightening to soften and frame the face. A hair treatment ensures hair looks in tip-top condition.
We created this beautiful smooth sleek look using Alterna products that smooth the hair. A colour and cut that looks as radiant as this can actually take a while to achieve in the salon.
There's a reason at David Rozman why our stylists style, and our colourists colour and we don't have our team doing both. It's so we can create a colour as exceptional as Guy has created here.