Question and Answer with David Rozman

6th April 2018

David Rozman is forever making hair beautiful but we managed to get 5 minutes of his time and he agreed to answer some all-important hair styling questions.

Did you always want a career in hair? I enjoyed going to get my hair cut as a child and at the age of 15 I bought my first pair of clippers. I used to charge my friends for a cut in my garage at home, going rate was £1. I thought it would be easy but I think the results showed that I needed a little training! I knew I was interested in hair but I wasn’t totally convinced so when I left school I applied for plumbing, joinery and hair courses and I only got accepted onto the hair course (could have been fate). I wasn’t overly academic at school and I think hair styling was something that came naturally to me. After finishing my training I spent a few years working with top UK salons and decided that I was ready for my next challenge of building a business. What is the most common hair style clients ask for at David Rozman? I would probably say variations of the classic bob. I would class a bob as any length between the ears and shoulders. We often do layered bobs, or graduated and sometimes symmetric. It’s a classic cut that can suit a variety of face shapes and ages. Whose hair would you love to work on? I would love to work on LuLu`s hair. She always looks good, her hair styles have moved with the times but also managed to always compliment her face shape and style. What hair tool can you not live without? Well it has to be a decent hairdryer, one that a client can use at home but will provide salon results. The Parlux 3200 compact hairdryer is amazing, its powerful 1900w motor means quick drying but it is also lightweight which makes curly blow dry's easy.  How can you add volume to thin and fine hair? The first thing I would need to do is assess the style. A lot of people think layering is the answer but this isn’t always the case, sometimes it is better to leave more hair rather than chop into it. Once the cut has been assessed I think the blow dry skill and products used can work wonders for a voluminous appearance. What do you love most about Hairdressing? The People. I am a problem solver and I love making solutions for people, it is so rewarding to see someone leaving my salon with a smile on their face. I have built some great friendships over the 10 years David Rozman has been open and I hope that will continue.   If you’d like to book a consultation or appointment with David then please contact our salon on 0161 832 0179 or Book Online.

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