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Welcome to our blog where you can find out the latest news from the salon.

BluMaan visits the salon

1st July 2016

We were lucky enough to have YouTube star BluMaan in the salon again today, filming for his channel. BluMaan - or Joe as we know him - has been a client of mine for some time and from back before he became a well known name. He often heads to David Rozman for a hair cut when he's in Manchester. 

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David Rozman Free Hand Cutting Technique Creative Workshop

4th November 2015

This month at David Rozman, our team of hair stylists took part in a creative workshop, where we demonstrated cutting hair using a Free Hand Technique. These workshops are fantastic for our team, as they reinforce and refine techniques they have previously learnt, allowing them to develop their technical edge.  This workshop in the Free Hand Cutting Technique gave the stylists the opportunity to use their visual creative ability to remove length, weight and to create a personalised shape in the haircut.

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Elvana's Hair Experience

3rd May 2015

We often talk about the Hair Experience here at David Rozman and the pictures here show the story of Elvana who came into see us.  The Hair Experience is a way that we work with you to get the look and feel you’re looking for…well; it’s a consultation not just a haircut.

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Pureology Precious Oil Shamp’oil and Softening Conditioner

27th March 2015

Pureology Precious Oil Shamp’oil: I found this product to lather very well, and with its concentrated formula I only needed a small amount to clean my hair really thoroughly. This shampoo smells beautifully of coconut and creates an amazing sensory experience when washing your hair. The formula is really silky, but it didn’t leave any oily residue or coating on my hair, which I was apprehensive about when I first read it was an oil-formula shampoo. This shampoo has left my hair feeling incredibly manageable, soft and with hardly any fly-aways.

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Cerafill Thickening Hair Care Here At David Rozman

16th March 2015

Cerafill is a breakthrough solution for hair-thinning problems. It’s not a “volume-building” product, such as Body Full by Redken. It’s a science-based product that will feel like you’ve added 9,000 hairs after one use, and if used over time, it will actually <em>regrow</em> your thinning hair. It adds not only volume, but density adding thicker and fuller hair!

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