Olaplex - a miracle treatment for coloured hair?

9th September 2016

Olaplex - a miracle treatment for coloured hair? 9th September 2016

Chances are if you've not heard of Olaplex yet, you soon will. Interest is soaring in the treatment, stoked by articles such as this one in fashion magazine Grazia and it's fantastic before and after shots.

So what is Olaplex? Simply put it's a special treatment that we add into your normal colour solution.

Olaplex has the wonderful benefits of protecting your hair against damage, making your hair more silky and shiny than is possible without the treatment. It's particuarly suited for people wanting to lighten their hair - and a real benefit of Olaplex for us here at David Rozman is that it means we can really push the boundaries of the final colour we are able to achieve.

Our colourists Guy, Rachel and Lauren all offer Olaplex, which is just an additional £27 cost on top of normal colour prices.

If you think it might be something that is suitable for you and your hair  we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch with the salon and we'll be happy to talk you through the treatment and it's suitability for your hair.

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