Introducing Redken PH Bonder

23rd March 2018

Guest Blog – Suzy Ashcroft-Batty (Head of Marketing) One of the perks of the jobs is that I can try new colours and products in the market. I really needed my routes doing and our fabulous Colour Director, Guy, had a spare few minutes to freshen up my balayage.  Now, as you have read from my previous blog I struggle with damaged hair post colour. I am a big fan of Olaplex and can definitely feel the difference after using it. But Guy wanted to try something new in the market – just call me a hair guinea pig!

The fab colour guru’s from Redken had been in the salon the other week and demonstrated the new Redken PH Bonder and we instantly became science geeks! This product is amazing.  So what does it do? Redken PH Bonder system basically balances PH levels in hair when colour is applied. Human hair and scalp oil, sebum, has a pH balance of between 4.5 and 5.5. Bleach has a PH level of 13 which is damaging to the hair. Redken PH Bonder works by balancing the PH levels that come with colour, thus reducing the damage to your hair. According to Redken using their pH-Bonder during a colour service will result in softer, smoother hair, while preserving the health of hair during each salon visit. Its pH science-backed formula is designed to reduce hair breakage, improve elasticity, and add smoothness and shine.

Similar to Olaplex, it has three components. #1 Bond Protecting Additive, #2 Fiber Restorative Pre-Wash Concentrate, and #3 Post-Service Protector which is for home use. The Bond Protecting Additive is added to the colour or bleach by your hairdresser, this helps protect the bonds by keeping fibres strong to reduce breakage. #2, the Fibre Restorative Pre-wash Concentrate is added to hair after the colour has finished and left on for 10 minutes. Guy applied #1 and #2 while doing my colour. I could already feel the difference when my hair was being shampooed and conditioned and then dried. Despite all the amazing salon products available I can always feel the difference in my hair after it has been coloured. Well not this time! My hair feels soft and smooth and just feels like I’ve had a regular blow dry rather than bleach. There is definitely less breakage, from when the hair was first dried and even now weeks later. My fab colour also looks brighter and the blonde hasn’t dulled at all.  I would definitely recommend these products to those who regularly colour their hair and want to protect from it from dryness and damage. 

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