How far would you go for your haircut?

15th July 2016

How far would you go for your haircut? 15th July 2016

It's fair to say that most of our customers live in Greater Manchester and Cheshire. But that's not true for all of them. In fact we often have clients who will fly in to Manchester for a hair cut with us, do a bit of shopping in town and then fly out again. 

It's amazing to think how far some people will come to get a cut or colour with their preferred stylist or colourist. Of course we have people such as YouTube star BluMaan who will visit David Rozman for a cut when he's in Manchester. But we have many other clients who fly in or travel hundreds of miles just because they won't get their hair done anywhere else. I think the most extreme case of this was where we had a client fly in from Abu Dhabi just to visit the salon. She then did a bit of shopping in town and was on her way again.

Of course this is an extreme example. We have other clients who have moved from Manchester but don't want to stop going to the salon so travel back to see family and get their hair done with us. This includes clients in Leeds and London. We think this makes us unique in Manchester salons. If you travel a long way to see us let us know and tell us the reasons why. 

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