David Rozman Free Hand Cutting Technique Creative Workshop

4th November 2015

This month at David Rozman, our team of hair stylists took part in a creative workshop, where we demonstrated cutting hair using a Free Hand Technique. These workshops are fantastic for our team, as they reinforce and refine techniques they have previously learnt, allowing them to develop their technical edge.  This workshop in the Free Hand Cutting Technique gave the stylists the opportunity to use their visual creative ability to remove length, weight and to create a personalised shape in the haircut.

Free hand cutting is a great technique to use when cutting curly hair too, as you can see the haircut as a whole. Growth patterns and textures are different all over the head, but this is especially true of hair with a lot of natural texture and defined curl.

Cutting the hair dry allowed the stylist to work with the natural curl as it fell, as you can see it in its natural form; this meant that it was easier to control the amount of jump the curl gave, whilst also reducing the weight that curly hair can have and creating the desired texture.

At David Rozman we want everyone to have an exclusive hair experience with a personalised cut or colour. Our creative workshops are a great way for our team of experienced stylists to further their instinctive understanding of hair. To keep up to date with our team, and what’s happing at David Rozman, check out our blog and sign up to our social media pages for exclusive deals.

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