Cerafill Thickening Hair Care Here At David Rozman

16th March 2015

Cerafill is a breakthrough solution for hair-thinning problems. It’s not a “volume-building” product, such as Body Full by Redken. It’s a science-based product that will feel like you’ve added 9,000 hairs after one use, and if used over time, it will actually regrow your thinning hair. It adds not only volume, but density adding thicker and fuller hair!

Cerafill is offered to you in two different lines: The Defy line and the Retaliate line. The Defy line should be used by those with normal to thin hair in the early hair loss stage. The Retaliate line is specially formulated for those in the advanced stages of thinning hair, showing obvious hair loss on their scalp.

Benefits of Redken Cerafill Dense Fx Hair Diameter Thickening Treatment: • Plumps up existing hair to increase diameter by 9% • It's like gaining up to 9,000 more hairs after one use!* (*based on an increase in the diameter of existing hairs) • Instantly plumps each strand to create fullness and density • Strengthens hair fibre to prevent breakage • Nourishes to promote a healthy scalp • Safe for colour & chemically treated hair

You may be thinking that your mission of getting thicker hair had no chance of success, you’re worried about thinning hair or hair loss and you are a big skeptic when it comes to products like these until now. Why? Because if having tried practically every product out there to help hide the fact that your scalp is more noticeable than your hair.  Cerafill may change your mind forever.

So, when one of our clients decided to buy Cerafill we asked her to send us her honest review for the Redken Cerafill Hair Thickening/hair thinning treatment now available in salon.

“Hi David,

Many thanks for your recommendations and the complimentary bottles of Redken Cerafill treatment, which I would like to review first.

Background/problem: Fine, thinning hair that breaks easily, grey temples and receding hairline. Used seven different scalp lotions over as many years.

Redken Cerafill Hair Thinning Treatment - result after 3 months' use:

There appears to be considerably less alcohol in this treatment than in other brands I have used. The hair breaks less easily: it grows longer, especially at the top of my head, where it hardly grew beyond 2-3 inches before breaking previously. The ends are slightly less frizzy. There seems to be additional growth; some of the hair growing back on my otherwise grey temples appears in my original colour. Conditions the hair but does not make it limp or heavy. I have only occasionally used a detangler over the past 3 months. Pleasant smell.

Cerafill - works! It was denser looking hair after one use!

I applied Dense fx twice and blew dried roots. Not only did I appear to have almost twice as much hair as the day before but it lasted all day, despite drizzle, cold wind, wearing a hood and spending all day in a warm office.

Second use: Dense fx once only and no blow dry - hair much fuller than normal but not as dramatic as above. Very pleased! Will be back with a proper review, as agreed, when I have used cerafill a bit longer.

Best wishes,


These products really do produce results. It is a nice feeling to know that your hair will be more noticeable than your scalp.

Don’t just take our word for it.  For more information on Cerafill hair thickening/hair loss treatment why not contact David Rozman Hairdressers Manchester salon on 0161 832 0179 or email  [email protected]

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