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Laser Hair Therapy

While most people associate lasers with hair removal, they can also be very useful when employed in a different way for encouraging hair growth.

David Rozman is unique in that we are one of the first salons in Manchester to offer laser therapy treatment to stimulate the follicles and encourage healthy hair growth in both men and women.

Halo Elite Hair Restoration is the first FDA approved hair growth technology, and it is the most effective laser scalp rejuvenating system available today. It is a safe low-level laser that stimulates the circulation and vessels in your scalp to re-grow your natural hair.

This treatment is particularly suited for clients who have noticed the first signs of thinning particularly on the crown area and are keen to slow down the rate of hair loss. In some client’s there may also be an improvement in hair growth. There's no complicated procedure involved - it's just a case of coming to the salon at regular intervals over a typical period of between 3 to 12 months with each treatment lasting less than quarter of an hour.

It is absolutely painless. Nothing touches your scalp, there is no heat, and does not involve creams, lotions or chemicals. It is simply laser light at a frequency that stimulates hair growth.

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